Year Two have had an incredibly exciting start to Autumn 2.  All this term we are focusing on ‘Fantastic Females’. In particular, we are learning about the lives of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We began the term with a Victorian day where children experienced what it would have been like to attend school during the Victorian era. We learnt about what lessons would have been like, what life was like for children who weren’t fortunate enough to go to school and the problems caused by unclean water. To launch our new English unit we turned our very own West Wing Hall into a field hospital to explore the poor conditions experienced by soldiers injured during the Crimean War. We then helped Florence Nightingale to improve the hospital.


The children have also produced fantastic poems to celebrate Shakespeare week which look stunning on display in the West Wing Hall. They loved the performance and workshops they experienced as part of this very special week at Colegrave.