As part of  being a Rights Respecting school the children hold the responsibility not only to be good global citizens but also spread the message to encourage everybody to be good global citizens too.

Here is a poster by the children in Year Six explaining what it means to be a good global citizen and how you can be one too.

Here is work from Year Four, their topic was ‘Disaster’ so they explored the area of responding as global citizens and discussed what they could do to help.

Year Five explored peace and conflict and explored what factors effect peace. As part of their topic they were exploring the work of Banksy so they looked at Banksy’s picture ‘Make love not war’ and created their own pictures carrying the same message.

Year One explored globalisation and interdependence – They looked at different foods and their packaging to identify where their food comes from.

What could you to become a great global citizen, just like the children at Colegrave?