At Colegrave the children are taking part in the great science share from the comfort of their own homes! There are weekly themes and creative ways to inspire the children and teachers to ask and share scientific questions. Each one is linked to a Global Sustainability Development Goal or something special happening in the world around us.

The theme this week was:


We had some fantastic questions: 

Miss Majed Khan questioned:

Do ‘shooting stars’ ever reach Earth’s surface and if they do can they tell us about life out of Earth?


Alinda in 4M had a few questions: 

How were the stars made?
Why is space so cold?  
Why is the moon white?


Ilya asked:

If the stars live long, then if it dies will we see it explode since its many light years away?


Thomas wondered:

When do you think it will be available to go to the nearest star from the sun? 


Gautam wondered:


Isaac in RG asked:


Spencer in 1D wanted to know:


Lucy in 1Y wondered:


Ashanti wanted to know:

How long would it take to get to the moon?


Jula asked:

Would it be possible for humans to live on the moon in the way we live on Earth, if not, would it be possible at all? 


Thomas in RG wondered:

When astronauts land back on Earth, they might land in the sea instead of on land, so how do they know where to land? 


What interesting, scientific questions, thank you all!


Finally, as part of the space theme Fatou in RG created her own rocket: