A HUGE congratulations to the students who participated in the Geography Bee on Friday 28th March.

It was a great day with participation from 17 schools across London. Our bees worked very hard to study for the event and made it to the finals after winning two rounds in the morning. All their hard work paid off with a very impressive THIRD PLACE! Well done team!


There was some stiff competition and a lot of extremely challenging questions!


Here are some example questions from the bee. Can you answer them?



In which city was this photo taken?




Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

a) Niagara Falls

b) Angel Falls

c) Victoria Falls

d) Yosemite Falls


Which city has the busiest airport in the world?

a) New York, USA

b) Los Angeles, USA

c) Dubai, UAE

d) Atlanta, Georgia, USA




Which country does this flag belong to?




What country has Paramiribo as a capital?

a) Suriname

b) Ecuador

c) Vietnam

d) Democratic Republic of the Congo




Answers: Marrakech, b, d, Mongolia, a