In Autumn 2, Year 2 visited the local Church – St Paul and St James’ Church. The reverend spoke to the children about why Jesus told stories, as this was the topic focus for the half term. They were able to look at the features of a Church and had the opportunity to ask different questions.

Also, Donna Gwilliams from ‘Faith in schools’ did a session with reception. The children looked at Christmas through role play and games. They explored what Christmas means for Christians and compared it to what Christmas means for them.


In Spring 1 a member from the Sikh Gurdwara visited year 1’s to speak about what it is like to belong to Sikhism. This was a good opportunity for children to ask questions, he spoke about his own personal experiences and showed the children pictures of the Temple.



Towards the end of the Spring term, Year 4 visited St Francis Church in Forest Gate. They were given an opportunity to look at the different features of the Church and ask questions. The topic focus of the half term was Easter, so the children looked at the Easter story and looked at how Christians celebrate Easter.



At the beginning of the Summer term, year 3 visited a Synagogue in Snaresbrook. The focus of the half term was Jewish celebrations, in particular Rosh Hashanah. The children learnt about how Jews celebrate. This trip was a great opportunity for the children to ask the Rabbi questions about Jewish celebrations, and gave them an insight into what happens during different festivals. They also got to look at different religious artefacts.