RE Visits

So far this year, there have been a number of exciting RE visits! Over the academic year, Years 1-6 each visit a place of worship. In the Autumn term, Year 2 visited St Paul’s church. [...]

Veggie Tasty

Year 6 have been looking at sustainability. For D&T they were given the task to prepare a meal.  They had to ensure that the meal was healthy, suitable for vegetarians and cost less than £5. [...]

Computing @ Colegrave

At Colegrave we made our own keyboards to control the computer. We learnt about circuits and items that can conduct electricity.   Can you see what type of keyboards we made?  


Whilst reading the book, ‘The Lost World’, Year 6 immersed themselves into the ominous world of the unknown. As reporters, they embarked on a dangerous journey to South America,to [...]

Published Authors at Colegrave!

The Rules Were Simple: Each pupil needs to create a crazy creature and write a mini saga inspired by it A mini saga is a story written in up to 100 words, and must have a beginning, middle and an [...]

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