First, We had a little competition – one person was obtuse, the other acute – the person who labelled the most angles (accurately) was the winner!

Then we estimated the angles and then checked how close our estimations were with a protractor.

Now we are in the swing of it – Mr Dosad set a challenge… Can you find ALL of the angles using a protractor – just once!

We started with the middle angle, then we knew that opposite angles were equal…

Knowing that there are 360 degrees around a point helped deduce the remaining angles around the centre…

We were then able to find all the other angles in the triangles and quadrilaterals.

Then we were left with the pentagon – but we weren’t sure how many degrees were in a pentagon… So we split it into triangles and saw that there were 3 triangles in the pentagon.

However, we struggled to come up with a formula for finding the sum of all angles in any polygon… We finally found out that it was: (n-2)180  Try it – it works!