Our Academically More-Able leader is Niall Dosad.

At Colegrave, we celebrate and nurture achievement. We actively participate in a number of sports and academic competitions across the curriculum. Fundamentally though, challenging the more able is embedded within every facet of school life.


In Reading, children are given the opportunity to choose a home reading book from a range of authors and eras. Ranging from classic texts written by famous authors such as Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing, Dick King-Smith’s, The Hodgeheg and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, to more current literature such as Jacqueline Wilson’s, The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch, Stine’s, Goospumps Series and Phillip Pullman’s, Clockwork or All Wound up.  For a more extensive list please visit our Reading Page.

Intervention: We have an ‘Inspiring Young Readers Club’ which is where older students in KS2 support More Able Readers in KS1 and EYFS. The group has been very successful as it provides role models for younger children and also provides the older children with responsibility and leadership.


We are very enthusiastic writers at Colegrave and the Young Writers Competition has seen 11 winners in the Ancient Adventures competition. This saw all stories published in the Ancient Adventures book – which can be seen in the entrance of reception.

The latest competition is for Key Stage 2 and is a poetry competition called Once Upon a Dream where we have entered 87 children! For more information click here. Key Stage 1 have been entered into the Poetry Safari competition which the deadline is the first week back after half term, for videos, prompts and support: click here.


In mathematics, we take pre and post assessments for each unit, measuring progress and target setting. This helps all learners know where they need to improve, but can really help focus More Able learners, on skills which they need to master in order to reach a Secure +. We are using the Maths Hub academically researched planning aids called Maths Mastery, which helps children become fluent in calculating, reasoning and problem solving. We also have designated weeks for problem solving and reasoning which teachers try and link to their current curriculum topic.

Children are also set competitions, challenges and assessments through Sumdog, which children can access at home using a tablet or computer. Visit: www.sumdog.com

We are also members of the Mathematical Association where we took part in the Primary Mathematics Challenge, where our More Able students took part in the termly challenges. Find out more at: www.primarymathschallenge.org.uk

Intervention: In EYFS, there are lessons 4 days a week designated to push More Able maths, in order for them to achieve Greater Depth in Number by the end of the year.

Mr Jones, who was Head of Maths at a secondary school, teaches small intervention groups, including More Able sets throughout KS2.

There are after school boosters in both Year 2 and 6 to provide extra challenge in order to prepare for the SATs.