We believe that being dressed and ready to learn is an important part of preparing our pupils for the future and for their future employability.

Please note that items in bold can only be purchased from school.

Ask your child’s class teacher for a uniform order form.

Alternatively, you may download and print a uniform order form HERE, or visit the School Trends website to order uniform directly from the supplier: https://www.schooltrends.co.uk/

Please ensure that order forms are handed to your child’s class teacher along with the exact money for any items you wish to purchase.

Boys must wear the following:

  • Black Blazer (with New Colegrave Logo)
  • Red and Silver Striped Tie
  • Red Woollen Jumper (with New Colegrave Logo)
  • White Shirt
  • Smart Dark Grey Trousers
  • Smart Black Shoes
  • White Polo Shirts
  • Sports Shoes or Trainers (for non-PE use)

Girls must wear the following:

  • Black Blazer (with New Colegrave Logo)
  • Black Tartan Skirt or Tartan Pinafore
  • Red Woollen Cardigan (with New Colegrave Logo)
  • White Blouse or Shirt
  • Smart Dark Grey (Charcoal) Trousers
  • Black, Grey or White Tights
  • Smart Black Shoes
  • Hair Accessories must be Red, Grey, White or Black
  • (If applicable) Black, Grey or White Headscarf
  • White Polo Shirts
  • Casual Shoes or Boots
  • Non-Religious Jewellery or Fashion Accessories