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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


At Colegrave Primary School, we are committed to raising awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and ensuring the safety of our pupils. CSE is a form of sexual abuse where children and young people are manipulated or coerced into sexual activities in exchange for various inducements, such as gifts, money, food, attention, or a place to stay.

The Role of Technology

Technology, particularly social networking sites and mobile phones with internet access, is frequently used to groom victims of CSE. This digital element makes it essential for parents, carers, and educators to be vigilant and informed.

Growing Concern

Over the past year, CSE has received significant media attention due to a noticeable increase in reported cases involving children and young people. Charities like the NSPCC and Barnardo's have been at the forefront of campaigns to raise awareness about this form of child abuse.

Resources and Support

We encourage parents, carers, and members of our school community to explore the following resources to better understand and combat CSE:

NSPCC CSE Information: The NSPCC provides comprehensive information and resources to professionals and concerned individuals regarding CSE.

Barnardo's CSE Awareness: Barnardo's offers insights and support related to sexual exploitation.

PACE (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation): PACE is a national charity dedicated to working with parents and carers whose children are victims of sexual exploitation. They provide invaluable services, including one-to-one telephone support, national and local meet-ups with other affected parents, and guidance on how parents can collaborate with schools, law enforcement, and social services. 


Colegrave Primary School is committed to creating a safe and informed environment for our students. By raising awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation and providing access to resources and support, we can work together to protect our children from this form of abuse.

If you have any questions or concerns about CSE, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your vigilance and commitment are vital in safeguarding our children.