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The Early Years Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is made up of seven areas of learning; 3 prime areas and 4 specific.

The prime areas of learning are:

- Communication and Language

- Physical Development

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development

 The specific areas of learning are:

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding of the World

- Expressive Arts and Design

Characteristics of effective learning (CoEL)

The focus of the CoEL is on how children learn rather than what they learn i.e. process over outcome. Underpinning the CoEL is the understanding that during their earliest years, children form attitudes about learning that will last a lifetime. Children who receive the right sort of support and encouragement during these years will be creative, and adventurous learners throughout their lives. Children who do not receive this sort of support and interaction are likely to have a much different attitude about learning later on in life. Hence why the supportive practitioner, and the environment they provide, need to nurture these CoEL to occur, but without forgetting that children are individuals who bring their own needs, talents and histories to the learning environment.

Three characteristics of effective teaching and learning identified by the EYFS are:

Playing and exploring – children investigate and experience things and are willing to have a go.
Active learning – children concentrate and keep on trying when they encounter difficulties and enjoy their achievements.
Creating and thinking critically – children have and develop their own ideas, are able to make links between ideas and develop a range of strategies for doing things.

Early Years Foundation Stage at Colegrave Primary School

Our children are at the centre of our setting. We believe talk, exploration and first-hand experience are paramount to your child’s learning. We provide opportunities to develop literacy and maths skills as well as personal and social skills. We offer a safe and caring environment in which your child will be supported in their desire to learn.

We have designed a rich and stimulating selection of topics and “core books” that encourage children to develop across all seven areas of learning. We plan according to our children’s needs and interests – taking into account their previous home and nursery experiences. We also cater for different learning styles by offering a choice of inside and outside games and adult-led or independent play.

Our Reception classrooms have been designed and organised to promote positive, engaging environments for the children to learn in. All classes have designated areas of learning to support different areas of the EYFS curriculum. At Colegrave Primary school, we believe in the importance of outdoor learning and use our lovely outdoor area regularly every day for our continuous provision and for adult directed activities.

Children will have phonics and maths sessions for twenty minutes a day and these short and sharp group activities have proven to work well with our children and help them to sustain and deepen learning. We follow the RWI scheme of work following the sequence of sounds, blending and segment systematically. We also send books home to read weekly, one to be read to by an adult and one that is linked to their reading ability.

We have topics every half-term:

Autumn 1- All about me

Autumn 2- People who help us

Spring 1 - Superheroes

Spring 2 - Rumble in the jungle

Summer 1 - Once upon a time

Summer 2 - Splish splash

All topics focus on all areas of learning with a huge focus on developing oracy and the love of reading.

Our daily timetable

8:55  Register

9.00 EPIC

9.10  RWI (phonics programme)   

10.00 Playtime

10.20 Maths then free low

11.30 Lunch

12:15 Register

12.30 Topic (focus on one of the seven areas) then free flow

12:45 Adult focus

1.35  Snack

2.00 Playtime

2.15 Keyworker time

2.30 Story time

3.00 Home time


We had our last Ofsted inspection in June 2017 and we are proud to announce that we are an ‘Outstanding’ early year’s provision.  

Here is what Ofsted saw:

Children get off to an excellent start in the early years. The learning environment is extremely well planned and teaching is outstanding. Children make excellent progress in all areas of learning. 

The curriculum is stimulating and children are constantly busy. The outdoor area is highly resourced and adults consistently model good language development. 

Activities to do at home to support your child’s learning

Your child will be sent home with a reading book. We ask that you read with your child everyday as this helps with their concentration and letter & sound recognition.

Homework will be sent out every Friday, these will focus on what your child has been learning on school that week. We encourage that children work with their parents to complete it and that it becomes an enjoyable extension of their learning that they have worked on in class.