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Our English co-ordinator is Miss Marchant.

At Colegrave, we believe a passion for Reading and Writing is paramount to a child’s education. We aspire for all children to become life-long readers and imaginative, articulate writers.

Throughout the year, Colegrave hosts a range of events to help foster a love of the subject including: World Book Day, Shakespeare Week, Spelling Bee, Books Sales, Parent Workshops and Author & Library Visits. With a carefully constructed curriculum, we ensure children cover an array of authors and texts to ensure they progress academically and emotionally.

English Programme of Study:

At the beginning of a child’s education, we believe that daily, systematic teaching of phonics is vital to enable children to read and write effectively. We use the programme, ‘Read, Write Inc’ to allow children to do this. The Reading and Writing curriculum are supported by thematic units which ensures our children read and write for a range of purposes and creativity is at the heart of their learning.

Moving through the school, children begin to write for a wider range of purposes once RWI (Read, Write inc) finishes around Year 2. Each classroom contains a reading corner where children have access to a vast array of books. Within KS2, teachers also ensure there is in-depth learning of at least 3 whole texts every half term.

Reading and Writing takes place daily throughout the school and we also use topic time to further the children’s love of the subject. For instance, during the Year 4 topic unit called ‘Blue Planet’, children write letters to the school community to fundraise for Water Aid. This multi-model approach supports children’s learning; making connections with the wider world.

We interlink reading and writing and ensure teacher modelling and scaffolding supports children to then produce independent pieces of work. Children move through the school, building in confidence and developing their creativity and enjoyment of the subject.