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After School Clubs

Our Extended School Leader is Sabina Kani.

We provide pupils at Colegrave with the opportunity to participate in a range of enrichment activities which include:


Playful Performers

Playful Performer's Club is excited to invite you to join us at your school in our new weekly performance arts  classes for children Years 1 to 6. 

We will explore building your child’s confidence and natural talents using a mix of acting, singing and dancing workshops and finish each term with a showcase of their wonderful work!

This is a great opportunity for your children to engage with performance arts as well as develop and strengthen their self-esteem and confidence. 

The techniques we learn will support their speech and language skills and ultimately help them to express themselves, have some fun and bring out your child’s inner playful performer!

Disney Club

Children will rehearse a stage adaptation of a famous Disney movie before getting the chance to perform on the big stage of a real theatre.


Multi-skillsclubs are exciting and varied and will introduce children to a variety of sports such as basketball, netball, gymnastics, tennis etc.

Art Club

Children learn, practice and develop artistic skills in various artistic disciplines with an experienced teacher.

French Club

In this club, children practice their French language skills as well as engage in a variety of exciting activities based around French culture.

Computing Club

Children learn early computer skills and basic programming using Scratch.

Reading Club

Children engage with a variety of books in exciting ways to develop and enhance their love of reading.

Football Club

This club allows children to practice their skills on the football pitch while encouraging them to develop their ability to work well as part of a team at the same time.


Children will develop a wide range of skills including rolling, jumping, balancing, changing speed/direction and performing sequences .


Each week children get to perform new and exciting science experiments.


Children will get to learn and perform a range of contemporary dances with a qualified instructor.


The Colegrave choir regularly perform at special events throughout the school year.


From sweet treats to healthy snacks, children are taught a new recipe every week.


After-school clubs are run by members of staff or by external providers. We ensure all staff working with our pupils have been DBS checked.

To support our parents we offer before and after school care which runs from 7:30am to 6:00pm.  This service is provided by School Friends and further information can be found on their website