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MFL - French

Our Modern Foreign Languages co-ordinator is Miss Hafiz.

What is our aim and vision? (Intent)

At Colegrave Primary School, the intention of our MFL curriculum is to develop an
interest in, and thirst for learning other languages. We introduce the learning of the
french language in KS1 before progressing to more formal french lessons in KS2.
We aim to introduce the learning of the french language and the understanding of its
culture in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We hope to embed the essential skills of
listening, reading, speaking and writing.

How are we teaching and assessing? (Implementation)

Our MFL curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills in French. We
are currently using CGP units to deliver our French lessons. These enable non-
specialist French teachers to access the teaching and learning.
Topics and themes covered in French lessons, progressively from Years 3-6
include (but not limited to): Greetings, counting, colours, body parts, celebrations,
clothing, months, birthdays, animals, food, likes and dislikes, at school/playtime,
things at home, things in towns, describing people, activities, games, sport and the
During french lessons in school, children have been able to try various French
foods, play games in French, role play, play outdoor games, create artwork, and
more where they are immersed in the language and the history and culture that
surrounds it.
KS1 children are introduced to MFL through exploring other languages when saying
hello or goodbye and through song.

What are the outcomes and achievements? (Impact)

French is becoming part of every day life at Colegrave, signs around the school are
in french and we sing french songs in assemblies. Our French club is very popular,
with children excited to develop their French learning.