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Autumn 1 in Reception

This term in Reception our topic is 'ourselves'. We have been learning about who we are, our families and what makes me, me. 

This has helped us to to settled into our new school as well as making good relationships with our teachers and making new friends. 

We have read several core books such as the owl babies, the funny bones and what makes me, me. 

We have been exploring the human body and we can think of ways to keep fit, eat heathy as well as taking care of our teeth. 

In Maths, we learning to be fluent and solve problems within numbers 1-5. 

This term we have been learning all our sounds and we are beginning to blend simple words such as m-a-t, sh-o-p. 

To celebrate our first term in school, our parents attended our first play day. We put on a  little performance which they were all so proud of.  We had so much fun and we cannot wait for the next one.