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Autumn 1 in Year 3

Arts Week started the term off in style, with Year 3 exploring the life and work of work of Guan Daosheng. We created our own ink and watercolour paintings, practised Chinese calligraphy and even made some 3D bamboo forest scenes using a variety of materials.

Our main topic for the half term focussed on Stone Age Britain, where we looked at how people lived and also how things changed over time throughout the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. A real highlight of the term was our wonderful trip to Thorndon Country Park, where we get to become Stone Age tribes: We built shelters out of gathered resources, learnt how to make a fire and created our own cave and tree paintings using natural 'paints' such as mud and berries.

We took this experience with us back to the classroom for our writing lessons where we wrote time-travelling stories about our characters visiting the Stone Age!