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Autumn 2 in the Acorn Room

Autumn term was full of fun!  We started the second half with Shakespeare Week and learned about the play 'A Midsummer summer Night's Dream'.  

We made stick puppets and learned about the characters.  We learned the quote: 

We memorised it with actions:

In science, we explored  magnets.

First, we explored different magnets and how they behaved.  We found that some magnets have a stronger 'force' than others' and that magnets did one of two things.  They either 'attract' (pulls towards the magnet) or 'repel' (pushes away from the magnet) objects.  We learned that when the magnets had the 'same ends' (the same polarity), they could not touch each other's ends. The magnets repelled each other but when the magnets were opposites and not the same, they could touch as they attracted each other.  We learned  that all magnets have an end/pole that is called either magnetic North  or magnetic South. 

We found many objects both inside and outside that are magnetic. 

Did you know magnets are very useful?  They do much more than hold our pictures to the  fridge!

Check out these cool uses of magnets: 

  • ​Keeping doors shut, like our fridges and freezers
  • Helping speakers, earphones and televisions to work
  • Helping computers to store data
  • helping doctors to see inside our bodies
  • Lifting heavy objects

Magnets are magnificent!