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Pirate Panic!

Ahoy there mateys!

Year 1 have had a pirate-tastic Autumn term with our new classmate, Barnaby. Using our compass and map-reading skills, we went on a hunt and were delighted to find some treasure! Along the way, Beebot decided to help us, but first we used our computing skills to program Beebot so that he could follow the directions.

After finding the treasure, we received a letter from angry pirates who have taken Barnaby and are demanding that we give their treasure back! Using our ‘Fred Fingers’, we created missing posters with the hopes of bringing Barnaby back. 

We also spent two weeks learning from home and we tried our best to participate in our online classrooms. Here are some examples of the learning we completed at home;

We had lots of fun in our art sessions; Using a variety of shapes, tones, lines and marks, we tried to develop our drawing skills so that we could complete our self-portraits.