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Our P.E. co-ordinator is Mr Stuckey.

What is our aim and vision? (Intent)

At Colegrave Primary School we provide a broad and engaging P.E curriculum which is accessible and challenging for all learners. Skills are developed over the course of a child’s entire primary school experience, nurturing skills and revisiting sports so as to allow learners to deepen their understanding and progress at a pace which is suitable to them.

Through the delivery of purposeful P.E lessons and an active mentality, we are committed to promoting children’s wellbeing as well as improving key social skills such as teamwork, leadership and self-reflection. Children’s creativity is also developed through the teaching of sequential, topic relevant, dance lessons which promote a variety of more expressive movements as well as allowing children to demonstrate their imagination, ability to work collaboratively and choreography skills.

How are we teaching and assessing? (Implementation)

To ensure sessions are tailored to support the needs of all learners, weekly lessons are delivered by class teachers and a specialist P.E coach. Children have multiple opportunities to learn and develop subject specific vocabulary as well as both sport specific skills, such as dribbling in football or forehand in tennis, as well as multi-discipline skills such as team play, invasion and tactical knowledge. This is reinforced at key points throughout the curriculum when children spend an entire term focussing on a specific sport once each year so as to deep dive into the skills of the children and help them make the best progress. 

Teachers’ P.E skills are also progressed through team teaching with our experienced, in-house sports coach and this allows them to enrich their subject knowledge as well as supporting development of their own practice.

Children in year 3 attend swimming lessons once a week for 12 weeks.

Participation in sport and an active lifestyle are also promoted through the vast array of clubs that are offered to the children at Colegrave Primary School delivered by both 

teachers as well as a Sports club provider. This enables all children to have access to a wide range of physical activities and sports, nurturing a love of sport and promoting lifelong healthy habits.

What are the outcomes and achievements? (Impact)

At colegrave we help motivate children to participate in a variety of sports through quality teaching that is engaging and fun. From our lessons, our children learn to take responsibility for their own health and fitness. Our aim is for them to grow up to live happy and healthy lives using the skills and knowledge acquired through P.E.