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Our PSHE co-ordinator is Mr Elliot.

What is our aim and vision? (Intent)

PSHE operates as a spiral curriculum so that knowledge and skills build progressively throughout the year and throughout a child’s journey at Colegrave. Knowledge and skills are mapped in an age-appropriate way however, the progression of skills curriculum acknowledges that a child’s emotional development may not follow a linear path and gaps in emotional learning may need to be addressed. This allows teachers to take a tailored approach to the needs of their class and to individual children within the class. Thrive assessments support teachers in identifying gaps. All lessons within PSHE are linked to real experiences that children encounter, or are likely to encounter within the near future. 

PSHE is where the personal development curriculum is rigorously developed and children are taught the core knowledge needed to meet the challenges of an ever changing society and thrive as global citizens. 

How are we teaching and assessing? (Implementation)

A range of learning experiences are offered within PSHE and the nature of the subject demand a practical, reflective approach. The focus on communication skills, empathy and self-reflection develops skills that allow children to engage fully with the rich range of learning experiences offered across the curriculum. In EYFS the core knowledge and skills of PSHE are delivered through the early learning goals of Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

What are the outcomes and achievements? (Impact)

At Colegrave we have high expectations of behaviour and approach to learning throughout the school. PSHE develops the tools needed to achieve this from resilience to understanding and managing feelings and emotions and remaining emotionally and physically safe within the child’s broader environment.