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At Colegrave we are committed to providing a high-quality education within safe and purposeful learning environment. We advise parents follow our complaints procedure should a problem arise.

Please speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance.

If the matter is not resolved we will arrange for you to see the Year Group Leader or another Senior Teacher including the Deputy Head Teacher. The Head Teacher is always happy to meet parents where a concern persists.

You have particular rights in making a complaint about:

  • curriculum provision, including RE and collective worship;
  • the implementation of the National Curriculum;
  • the availability of external qualifications;
  • exemptions from the National Curriculum;
  • the operation of charging policies;
  • the provision of the information listed in the section above.

You must first make the complaint at the school, to the Head Teacher. If the complaint cannot be resolved it may be necessary to forward it to the Governing Body, through the Principal Officer for Governing Bodies Administration. The Governing Body will then consider the complaint.

If the complaint is not resolved by the Governing Body it may then be referred to the Local Authority. If that fails, the complaint can be referred to the Secretary of State. Please note that this procedure does not apply to matters such as pupil discipline or individual teachers.

We do, of course, hope that any complaints can be resolved by the parent discussing the matter with an appropriate member of staff. However, if you do require any more information on our Complaints Procedure, full details are available on request from the school office.