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Our science co-ordinator is Miss Pain.

What is our aim and vision? (Intent)

At Colegrave Primary School we believe that Science develops the children’s curiosity, encourages a sense of wonder and nurtures their inquisitive nature. It provides all children memorable lessons with knowledge and conceptual understanding of the world around them through exploration and investigations. The wide range of experiences offered provides the children with progressive Science understanding, skills and knowledge. As well as offering the children the chance to be inquisitive and find the answers to their questions. Our aim is to boost the children’s Science capital to inspire the children with hands-on learning with real world applications and different Science activities to complete at home.

How are we teaching and assessing? (Implementation)

In ensuring high standards of teaching and learning in science, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. We ensure children have the Scientific knowledge for each unit tight as well as teaching different Scientific skills progressively.  Where appropriate, Science is linked to year group topics. Subject matter is presented clearly, teachers carefully check learning and identify misconceptions, providing direct feedback. Teaching is designed to ensure children know more and remember more. They are encouraged to ask their own questions and are given opportunities to use their scientific skills and research to discover the answers. The children are assessed to ensure any gaps in their learning are highlighted and revisited. We also revisit different units and objectives from throughout the different year groups for retrieval practice to strengthen their memory and ensure the learning is ever present.

What are the outcomes and achievements? (Impact)

We strive for all pupils to achieve their maximum potential, by having high expectations and standards in Science. We ensure our lessons are knowledge based with a practical element to engage the children. Work and book scrutiny, monitoring, pupil voice discussions, outcomes of assessments and quality of teaching and learning are all used as tools to assess the impact of our science curriculum.